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VPN Software

VPN Software  

SonicWALL’s software may be a little challenging to install and confusing on where to actually obtain it.  There are several ways to accomplish getting the software correctly and quickly.

If you review SonicWALL’s documentation they will tell you to refer to the installation CD / media that came with your unit.  I can understand how in most cases this is not ideal.  The other recommendation that SonicWALL makes is to login to your account, this is the preferred method I’ve always used as you can get the latest software for GlobalVPN along with all of the newest firmware and software available by the vendor.  When you configure the WLAN port on the SonicWALL, WiFiSec is enabled by default. The Global VPN Client software is recommended to securely connect wireless computers to the SonicWALL.


VPN Solutions

Chances are if you’re looking for a sonic wall VPN solution you already have an office VPN gateway to connect to. However, if you are sickly looking to cloak or hide your Internet IP address there are several excellent solutions available for you. Even though your connection to an office VPN is secure it may leave your home’s IP address still exposed when you view resources outside of your office network.   While there are countless VPN solutions, even free ones, if you are looking for security in the first place you need to pick a vendor  whose business model means bringing you the best security available. For this core reason we simply don’t trust free VPN solutions. Ask yourself, if someone is willing to open up gateway for you to funnel all your traffic and data through, what’s in it for them? If you are serious about your data and communications staying private and encrypted why not find a reliable VPN.

You don’t have to spend a lot each month to obtain a provider and you can trust. We’ve tested countless solutions and have narrowed down our preferred service to one specific vendor.

Strong VPN provides these state-of-the-art solution with a multilayered approach to security that comes with advanced protection of your privacy using VPN tunnel. There services seven design of the ground up which are able to operate with built-in technology that your PC or mobile device shipped with. These services function at the TCP/IP core level meaning of applications and data will be secured, not just when you browse the Internet using your web browser.




The software can be found on your Firmware and Documentation CD provided in the box. Copy the software to your wireless computer and follow the instructions below. The User Name and Password from the Setup Wizard is needed to log onto the network after installing the Global VPN Client.


Alert! Remove any installed VPN client program before installing the SonicWALL Global VPN Client.

Double-click setup.exe
The Installation Wizard launches
Click Next to continue installation of the VPN Client
Close all applications and disable any disk protection and personal firewall software running on your computer. Click Next to continue.
Select I accept the terms of the license agreement. Click Next to continue.
Click Next to accept the default location and continue installation
Click Install to install the Global VPN Client files on your computer
Select Start VPN Global Client Automatically when users log in to automatically launch the VPN Global Client when you log onto the computer, if desired.
Select Launch program now to automatically launch the Global VPN Client after finishing the installation
Click Finish to complete the installation